Expert Witness
Expert Witness Service

Who needs an expert witness?

Attorneys who wish to successfully represent plaintiffs and defendants.

Homeowners who purchased their homes from sellers who did not lawfully disclose building conditions.

Homeowners who purchased a home based on wrong or misleading advice from a home inspector or real estate agent.

Homeowners who had a contractor that made construction errors during their building or remodeling project.

People who become ill due to indoor environmental contaminants.

Contractors who are wrongfully blamed for water damage or mold contamination.

Insurance companies dealing with potentially bogus claims.

People with legitimate insurance claims that are wrongly denied.

Residential or commercial tenants with landlords who do not maintain a building in safe or habitable condition.

Landlords who have tenants filing potentially bogus health claims.

Why retain Dan Schilling as your expert?

Dan Schilling is a building inspector and expert witness who has the qualifications to help you litigate difficult cases. Of the 28 cases in which Dan has served as an expert witness, all have settled or prevailed in court.

Dan has the knowledge, inspection equipment, and professional experience required to obtain and effectively present case evidence. His areas of expertise include real estate non-disclosure, construction defects, thermography, heating, cooling, plumbing and electrical defects, fire and water insurance claims, water damage, mold contamination and indoor-environmental health.

Dan has worked on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants, performing investigations, gathering evidence, documenting material adverse facts in clearly written reports, and providing expert-witness testimony for cases that would have otherwise been difficult to litigate.

One of Dan's cases resulted in the Wisconsin State Supreme Court reversing the law called Economic Loss Doctrine that prohibited homebuyers from collecting punitive damages in cases of seller fraud.

Dan has a way of communicating complicated issues in lay terms to interested parties, judges and juries. Judges and attorneys have stated that Dan was one of the best expert witnesses they have ever worked with.

Many plaintiffs and defendants have avoided the expenses of trial as a result of Dan's thoroughly written reports, or as a result of his convincing expert testimony provided during pre-trial negotiations and depositions.

Attorneys have won or saved multi-millions of dollars for their clients with Dan's assistance.

Simply stated, Dan has the experience and presentaiton skills to help resolve cases where injustices have resulted in financial loss or indoor environmental health issues.

Intriguing cases Dan helped resolve.

Illinois Family Builds Home with Incompetent Contractor

Kansas Home Infected with Cat Urine, Ordered to be Purchased Back

Antique Mall with Property Damage from Abrasive Cement Dust

Building Contractor Accuses Television News Station of Defamation

Michigan Modular Home with Hidden Mold Contamination

Roof Vent Blamed for Moisture Originating from Asian-Cooking

Illinois Flood Becomes Bad-Faith Insurance Claim

Wisconsin Hospital Blames Roofer for Mold Contamination

Family Suffers from Inhalation of Formaldehyde Fiberglass Insulation

Five-Million-Dollar Home Built by Incompetent Contractor

Wisconsin Roofer Wrongly Blamed for Ice Damming Conditions

Condo Association Attempts to Deny Responsibility for Flooding

Seller Claimed Illegal Wood Foundation was Poured Concrete

Concealed Building Defects Discovered in Senior Condominium Complex

Apartment Rented with Human Waste, Cat Urine and Mold Contamination

Roofing Contractor Wrongly Blamed for Occupant Moisture

Water on Window Sill Exposes Incompetent Builder

If you are an attorney or have a pending lawsuit, call Dan Schilling today.

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