Dan Schilling has taught seminars for building inspectors, real estate agents, landlords, attorneys, medical doctors, chiropractors, holistic health professionals, veterinarians, farmers, builders, private associations, insurance companies, housing authorities, and a variety of service contractors.


Seminar topics include building defects, indoor environmental inspections, new construction defects, infrared thermal imaging, home foreclosures, exterior insulation finishing systems (EIFS siding), moisture and mold contamination, pet urine contamination, vermin infestations, indoor air quality, electrical radiation, and air and water purification technologies.

All presentations include vivid photos from field investigations.


People from around the country have attended Dan's seminars. Here's a few of their comments:

I thought the seminar was great, well worth the 8 hour round trip and over night stay.   Charles F.

Very good!  You have a talent for teaching.  You do a good job of keeping people's attention and you appear to be very knowledgeable.   Greg R.

They should have given you more time.   Karen C.

Interesting presentation thought provoking issues.  Roberta G.

I feel the material you are teaching is some of the most beneficial info I have had in a long time.   Steve S.

Very well prepared, made good points concerning topic.   Denny H.

Very nice presentation. I enjoyed it very much! I just wish that you had more time.   Harriet S.

WOW!!!  I learned so much!!!!  Please let me know if you do any other seminars.   Barb T.

This was great, kept my attention the whole while. Very interesting information.   Lisa R.

The…seminar was truly amazing. The information will be used to properly instruct others.   Michelle W.

Great presentation skills. Subject matter was great.  Dan C.

Great presentation! Very entertaining.   Chip T.

Very good information for home owners.   Mathew A.

I have never been sued before. However, a lot of things will be done differently due to your presentation.   Bob B.

Good presentation skills and support. Nice job, very informative.  Scott C.

Very informative…good visual examples.   Ted B.

Very interesting!  Nice job!  Good stuff!   Steve C.

Interesting, good common sense approach ideas will be used in the field.   Tom D.

Interesting presentation thought provoking issues for the insurance industry and personal living.   Roberta G.

Very informative. Did a great job keeping people interested.   Jeff F.

Most exciting thing we had today. Wish we had more time.   Lou J.

Nice job Dan. Your presentation was Top Drawer.   Steve P.

Very informative! I learned a lot and could actually follow it.   Elaine B.

Dan Schilling's presentation was great.   Dan Z.

Very informative presentation. A real eye opener!   Michael R.

Very enjoyable and educational.   Sandy L.

Great job. Got a lot of info from your talk.   John G.

Great seminar! I commend you on your statement that integrity means everything.   Chris P.

Very eye opening, wonderful presentation.   Danielle L.

Very interesting. Well presented.   D. S.

Knowledge on topic was excellent.   Jane D.

Attention to detail, open minded…experience. You have lots of knowledge. I wish I could take it back to my inspectors.   Ed B.

Great seminar - learned to pay more attention to mold.   John D.

Very enjoyable and informative. Great topics and detailed.   Peter C.


This was a very informative seminar…so much information.   Joe W.

Lots of great information!   Steve A.

Great/interesting presentation. Created greater interest in this subject. Especially mold.   Mike P.

Great presentation! Extremely informative.   Mac B.

Did not realize how significant seemingly small issues could be.  John D.

Excellent information!   Rob C.

You were very informative. This is a subject I would like to learn more about.   Mike A.

Good job. Wish you could have had more time.   L.S.

GREAT! Thank you.   David B.

Very knowledgeable. Thanks for the info.   Chris H.

Great information on air quality!   Matthew P.

Very interesting with lots of information.   Karen M.

I learned a lot.   Julie K.

Very informative and enjoyable presentation.   Laverne H.

Very interesting, good things to know.   Dennis V.

Very informative. It can apply to almost any building.   N. K.

Good stuff, could have used more time.   Dan R.

Great job!   Bill S.

Very interesting, learned a lot.   Cindy K.

Thought you did a great job.   Joe R.

Very knowledgeable.   Jane D.

Great job!   Roman N.

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